Aug 21st 2020

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Finding the perfect balance between luxury and practicality can be difficult, but certainly not impossible. When it comes to kitchens, if you choose your space or create your space with a luxurious lifestyle in mind, it can become much more than just a place to prepare meals– it can become an area in which you can entertain, relax, and truly enjoy every room in your home.

Discover our advice for achieving a space that is as luxurious as it is inviting.

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1. Arrange the preparation and cooking surfaces in a way that allows for conversation. This opens up the kitchen as a more sociable area, and makes cooking feel less of a chore. If the cook is able to see the people at the table, all the better – when hosting a dinner party, or welcoming guests, this will make all the difference.


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2.  To introduce a sense of luxury into an open plan kitchen, do not be afraid to use art. A large photograph, mirrors or even embroidered details on blinds add an opulent air to an otherwise very practical area.


List Sotheby's International Realty Hawaii

3.  Use multiple materials on the cabinetry. This simple yet effective design choice not only breaks up the space, but also adds character, and allows the area to make a very real, yet subtle, statement about the tastes of its owner. We love the use of Corian and Caesarstone – extremely durable and hygienic materials that also look great.


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4.  The use of a mirrored splash back can make a kitchen feel lighter and larger. It is a great change from the less interesting back-painted glass that has been en vogue for so long and, in the right space, can look absolutely stunning.


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5.  High quality appliances are often much more attractive than their inexpensive counterparts, and add instant luxury to an otherwise practical space. We are huge fans of concealing appliances, but when the kitchen contains something especially beautiful – an Aga Range, for example – showing it off is a must!

Sotheby's International Realty HawaiiSource: Daniel Kostiuc, Managing Director, Intarya

List Sotheby's International Realty Hawaii

Established in 1994, Intarya is an award-winning design studio offering timeless and elegant Interior Architecture, Luxury Interior Design and Bespoke Furniture to clients in London, the UK and around the world.

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